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We can provide you with any real estate records, business records, court records, bankruptcy records or marriage records relating to Japan.
If you want to do research in Japan, i2B has an excellent network of investigators ready and able to serve you.
We will rely on specialists in event / exhibition investigation to collect and prepare information for you.
Whether you wish to keep track of a family member living in Japan or want to know about the activities of somebody...
i2B can go beyond major Japanese newspapers, and search a database of magazines, specialized business publications, regional publications.
It is easy for foreigners and students living in the unfamiliar society of Japan to find themselves caught up in local troubles.
Trademark and patent infringements are serious problems for any business on the world stage.
Are you having trouble with unreliable Japanese investigative partners, with communication obstacles and with failures to express critical nuances?
Our chief officer, Kenji Yamaga, has been recognized by Japan’s Public Safety Commission, has experience as a personal bodyguard, and has connections with top Japanese bodyguards...