Missing Person

You can rely on us to perform any sort of missing persons search related to Japan, whether it is tracking debtors, descendents, lost relatives or benefactors, the whereabouts of children who were brought back to Japan by a fleeing spouse, etc. To search for a missing person, both knowledge and experience is necessary. In contrast to the West, publicly available information in Japan is extremely limited, and therefore, searching for missing people is a step-by-step process. Because Japan is a democratic society – even though the ballots themselves are not publicly available – the government necessarily has records of where each Japanese citizen lives. But, even when the last listed voting address of an individual is known, that does not mean that the person is actually living at that address. In the case of debtors, for example, it is not necessarily likely that they will be living at their government-registered address. For these reasons, searching for a missing person requires hard work and careful dedication.