The Reasons to Choose i2B

1.Proof of our investigative ability. Licensed in private investigation.

 In Japan, there is no licensing system for private investigators. For this reason, even felons with criminal records are free to open private investigative firms. Without a licensing system, clients are unable to trust in an investigative agency’s investigative ability; worse still, there is not even any legal system to protect clients’ privacy, and hence clients have no way to know that corporate secrets or personal information will not be misused. There is the danger that private information will be released to the general public. In contrast, the West developed private investigator licensing systems from very early on. This is especially true in America, where most states require private investigative firms to obtain a license in private investigation. This licensing system places a high moral obligation upon how private investigators use confidential corporate and personal information. i2B is the only Japanese agency licensed in private investigation. This is why our clients can trust in our honesty: because we are legally required to treat our clients’ private information with the highest degree of respect and circumspection.

2 . No intermediaries. Reduced costs.

 Typical Japanese private investigation firms are poorly informed about foreign issues. While non-Japanese clients expect the investigation to be conducted from a global perspective, in Japan this is often impossible. Furthermore, many Japanese do not understand English, and for this reason, there are translation charges on top of the investigation fee. Even worse, clients must communicate with the investigators by means of translators, thus creating the constant fear that a request will be misunderstood. i2B does not work in “partnerships” with Japanese investigative firms, rather, i2B directly supervises its branches in Japan, and the investigators in charge of each case are deeply familiar with both international matters and with Japan. We can consult with you directly in English, and we can directly translate original documents and data into English as we prepare our report for you. For this reason, we are able to correctly understand and undertake your requests; there is no need to pay for extra mediators and translators. Of course, the private investigator license number will be printed on your report, as our proof to you that a specialist in your field has undertaken the investigation you desire.