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Other Searches in Japan

Obtain official Japanese documents

Those involved in media organizations especially rely on us to investigate and uncover documents of all kinds. We provide you with any real estate records, business records, court records, bankruptcy records or marriage records relating to Japan.

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Research in Japan

If you want to research something in Japan, but are afraid of the cost or intimidated by the language barrier, especially if you are working for newspapers, magazines, or as a freelance author – i2B has an excellent network of investigators ready and able to serve you. We provide documents, information, and photographs of locations in Japan. Furthermore, for every type of research, we are able to provide researchers familiar with the corresponding rules, investigative methods, and appropriate professional jargon.

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Gather information at a Japanese event or exhibition

We will rely on specialists in event / exhibition investigation to collect and prepare information for you. An exhibition is not merely a place to show off new products, it is also an excellent opportunity to gain information about rival companies. As companies set up booths intended to attract attention to their products, they often let down their guard and unintentionally reveal corporate secrets. Specialized investigators talented in the local language and savvy about the business world can use a variety of techniques to gain corporate information. i2B delegates cases to experienced investigators talented in these skills who are capable of utilizing entirely legal methods to obtain a company’s most closely guarded secrets. In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, these investigators are not even told on whose behalf they are gathering information. There is no way for the rival company to discover that our client is gathering their secret information.

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Learn about the activities of someone traveling, living or studying in Japan

Whether you wish to keep track of a family member living in Japan, or want to know about the activities of somebody with whom you are involved in a dispute, we offer you the best service, employing our highly specialized investigators. Learn about the everyday behavior of a student studying abroad or the behavior of a family member during a business trip. Learn about the activities of a politician or a celebrity visiting Japan. i2B handles these requests frequently. This is another field in which i2B can fully take advantage of its specialized investigative capabilities.

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Obtain a Japanese article about a specific topic, business or individual

i2B can go beyond major Japanese newspapers, and search a database of magazines, specialized business publications, regional publications. We find and translate into English articles on specific topics. You can read Japanese articles as if they were published in English. Foreign media can be a treasure trove of untapped information. Going beyond the information itself, we can investigate and analyze the subtleties within the text. Information has been described as a living creature. In order to get your hands on the most up-to-date information about your business rivals, it is necessary for you to constantly have the most recently published information available. i2B can search for news articles on your behalf and present important information to you in English as soon as it becomes available.

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Troubleshooting in Japan

It is easy for foreigners and students living in the unfamiliar society of Japan to find themselves caught up in local troubles. Even if they want to go to the police, the language barrier prevents them from getting help, and they feel so overwhelmed that they don’t know what to do. You can relax with i2B. We have a strong network of connections in all fields of Japanese life. Regardless of whether you need help with domestic violence, an accident, fraud, or other trouble relating to life in Japan, we are able to consult and work with you. If needed, we can help arrange excellent English-speaking lawyers. When trouble happens abroad, it is often compounded by language barriers and lack of local knowledge. i2B can provide you with that knowledge while giving you support and guidance to break through the language barriers.

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Look up a trademark or patent
Protect your trademark or patent Expose trademark / patent infringement

Trademark and patent infringements are serious problems for any business on the world stage. i2B can watch out for any infringement of your rights, and immediately report on any case of illegal use. We can simultaneously inform the legal authorities and immediately deal with the problem in the most appropriate way. If you wish to press forward with a legal claim for damages, we can cooperate with English-speaking lawyers specializing in this field to investigate and press legal claims in order to protect your rights and interests. In other cases, the name that you wish to use for a new product may already have been registered by another company, and you may need to negotiate for the right to use the name. i2B can provide information that will help strengthen and prepare your side of the negotiations.

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Investigation agencies: Use i2B as your source for Japanese information

Are you having trouble with unreliable Japanese investigative partners, communication obstacles or failures to express critical nuances? Have you already had a painful experience with the current state of investigative companies in Japan and looking to find a better option? Rely on i2B as your source of Japanese information.

i2B’s professional staff is waiting to help you investigate topics in Japan. Simply stated, our staff is better able to investigate information, because “We are working on behalf of a Japanese-run investigative agency.” This difference makes them noticeably better able at obtaining information. We look forward to having an opportunity to work together with you.

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Bodyguard Services

In Japan, bodyguard services are known as “Number 4 security” and security companies are required to obtain licenses in order to operate. Unfortunately, there is no required training to work at these companies, and there are services that simply hire violent thugs to work part-time. It is extremely difficult to find a talented individual who understands English and formal etiquette well enough to be an appropriate escort for a VIP visiting Japan. Our chief officer, Kenji Yamaga, has been recognized by Japan’s Public Safety Commission, has experience as a personal bodyguard, and has connections with top Japanese bodyguards who are also well-versed in business knowledge and etiquette. We are able to provide you with the best bodyguard service in Japan.

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