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Our Services

  • Corporate Investigation

    —Learn detailed information about a Japanese company.

    —What is reputation of Japanese Company within the business world?

    To solve your company's anxiety, we explain about example, work flow, and our stance of investigating Japanese company.

  • Liability / Debt Search

    We can investigate the liabilities of corporations and private individuals. Analyzing real estate records can also be useful for discovering debts.

  • Missing Person

    You can rely on us to perform any sort of missing persons search related to Japan, whether it be tracking debtors, descendents, lost relatives or benefactors, the whereabouts of children who were brought back to Japan by a fleeing spouse, etc.

  • Asset Search

    Although it is not possible to do a nationwide search for any and all assets in Japan, it is possible to examine real estate records from any fixed property locations.

  • Background Investigation

    We can do background investigations of would-be employees, your clients, or the other half in an international marriage.

  • Investigation on International Spouses

    Investigation on International Spauses. For exapmle, we consult on cases where a Japanese spouse has taken the children back to Japan, etc.

  • Criminal Mapping

    i2B has professional staff dedicated to investigating the safety and crime levels of specific regions, and we can provide you with the latest data on crime and social stability.

  • Special Investigation

    We have a rich network of connections to draw on, and are able to perform all sorts of investigations. Put your mind at ease and consult with us.

  • Other Searches in Japan

    We take on miscellaneous investigations and searches in Japan.