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About i2B

i2B Consulting (i2B) is a Japanese investigation agency, specializing in investigating issues relating to individuals or corporations in Japan. i2B deals with investigating Japan-related issues as well as producing evidence of all kinds.

In contrast to America and Europe, Japan doesn't require private investigators to be licensed. Felons, swindlers with criminal records - anybody is allowed to open a private investigation firm. For that reason, it's not unusual for private investigation firms to be fronts for organized crime, and clients of these firms often end up with a lot of trouble. Our agency is licensed in private investigations by the state of California, in the United States of America, which has a strict system of qualifications. In order to become qualified to be a licensed investigator in the United States, one must pass an exam which is considered to be of equal difficulty to the bar exam. Private investigators must supply their fingerprints to the DOJ, and their backgrounds are checked. Our chief representative, Kenji Yamaga, is the only Japanese person with a United States private investigator's license, and offers the foremost investigative service operating in both Japan and other countries.

The phrase "private investigation" constitutes a wide range of different activities. For example, a private investigator trained in investigating financial matters may not necessarily be good at background investigations. We, on the other hand, are guided by the principle "No matter what your request, we will give you the best service," and are composed of specialists in multiple fields of investigation. Whether you wish to search for lost persons or investigate a corporation, whether you wish to perform a background check of your business clients or your current staff members or wish to investigate hidden assets / debts, whether you wish to investigate insurance fraud or get help with an international marriage, we offer the best services for Japan-related investigations.

i2B Consulting makes use of the greatest possible investigative group and information network. Clients who need to obtain Japan-related information are invited to contact us immediately.


Business Information

i2B Consulting
Address 3943 Irvine Blvd, #267, Irvine CA 92602
Chief Investigator Kenji Yamaga
Private Investigator License PI 23273

In order to provide high quality service at an effective price, we accept inquiries by email only. However, your concern is our first priority, and we make every effort to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Background of Chief Investigator

Mr. Kenji Yamaga is the only licensed Japanese private investigator. He came to the US after working as a private investigator and personal protection specialist in Japan, whereupon he worked as an investigator for a New York risk management firm. Later he attended graduate program of University of New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, where he focused on advanced investigative techniques. He earned a Masters Degree of Forensic Science, Concentration in Advanced Investigation while studying every kind of criminal investigation, corporate crime, and undercover information-gathering techniques. Currently the chief investigator for i2B, he operates an extensive investigative network centered in Los Angeles and has dealt with a large number of international cases. His Masterís thesis was on "Business Intelligence and Industrial Espionage: Corporate Information Theft and Countermeasures."